3 Ways Get Free SEO Backlinks for Your Blog

3 Ways Get Free SEO Backlinks for Your Blog

There are around 200 factors of ranking website on Google, Bing, and other key players in search industry. Backlink in SEO is a referrer link or a citation that comes to your website form another website. It can be a credible link or un-credible depending upon link attributes. Both bear different impact on SEO but are beneficial for you.

Well, PPC is an advertising option to secure top position on search but its capital hungry. You top SERP positing is totally depending on the credit card funds. But it will not genuinely help in improving SEO but just brand marketing.

Suppose you have done a lot of work in developing your website. You mastered in technical SEO, tested things offline by installing Wamp server on windows, and corrected all the technical SEO glitches. You have prepared EEAT content that is unique and adding value to the topic. You are still struggling for better SERPs since all box of on-page SEO are check. Strong high authority backlinks are savvy in this case. Getting SEO backlink isn’t easy as much you think. But there are various techniques that you can adopt to get one free.

Social Media Profiling WEB 2.0 SEO Backlinks

Website with social signal is just like horse with broken leg. Social media is a strong force to build a brand as well as traffic driver these days. Additionally, most of the search engines count social media profiles a backlink.

So, one you have setup a stunning blog or e-Commerce website, creating accounts on social media platforms such as Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and etc. should be at the top in your priority list. All social media platforms ask for your personal portfolio URL while creating profiles. Just, add your website URL there and it will be considered as an authority SEO backlink to your blog or website.

Outreach Hunting

Make good public relationships with the people of your interest online. Constantly explore the websites or blogs or similar interest and reach them by sending simple guest post request. Pitch them your content ideas and add value to the content. Admire their efforts and pitch your improvement plans in their blogs or websites.

Well, guest posts are mostly paid or sponsored but there are many websites such as ThriveGlobal, Selfgrowth, Today Reader, and Medium where you can publish your hand written content and secure authority backlinks.

Outreach could be painful because it needs a lot of patience, but it’s effective way to secure backlinks to your website.

Broken Links from Other Websites

Broken links are potential source of a strong backlink for your website SEO. Major news sites such as Forbes, BBC, TechRadar, etc. have published millions of contents and database is increasing day to day.

Webmasters and authors put external links for citations in their content on major publishers. Many of those links become dead due to domain expiry or business shutdowns.

You should evaluate their content and find those broken link opportunities. Create content on those niches and publish on your website. Pitch the author of major platform and inform them about the broken links. Provide your URL to them and request them to update with the fresh citation is live.


Finding free backlink opportunities is the best and proven strategy that a blogger or webmaster should adopt at first place. Backlink is a key factor of Off-page SEO strategy and being adopted by SEO gurus from decades. You have to find out of the box solution for this. SEO Backlinks increase your website or a blog domain authority, domain rating and trust flow in the eyes of search engines. You can easily build free backlinks for your website by adopting these three techniques.


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