How the Little Brother Who Turned into A Girl Became His Big Brother’s Girlfriend Insight

How the Little Brother Who Turned into A Girl Became His Big Brother’s Girlfriend Insight

Manga comics are becoming more and more popular among all ages these days. The comic “komik hisashiburi ni jikka ni kaettara otouto ga ts shiteta” is one of those favorite comic series. It is picture story book trending these days on Amazon, Mangadex, and other major online publishers. Surprisingly this read would lead you to the complete insight of hisashiburi ni jikka ni kaettara otouto ga ts shitet. So, grabbing popcorn packet would be helpful to enjoy it.

The phrase komik hisashiburi ni jikka ni kaettara otouto ga ts shiteta is a Japanese language sentence that is “How the Little Brother Who Turned into A Girl Became His Big Brother’s Girlfriend” in English. The author of this comic @tukigi246 share picture of this story on his twitter profile and in Japanese language.

Phrase Composition

Learning language other than native one is complicated but full of fun. It will boost your productivity, refresh your mind, and enable you to understand the culture of other nations. This sentence “hisashiburi ni jikka ni kaettara otouto ga ts shiteta” is a combination of Japanese language words.

Translation of the Sentence

The following breakdown of the sentence will fascinate you literally.

Komik: Comic, comedy, funny thing etc.

hisashiburi long time no see. You meet with someone after a long time

jikka: Parents home or native home where you were born or your parents live.

kaettara: When I get back. It refers to “returning home after a longer period”

Otouto: Younger Brother

Ga ts shiteta: Become unbelievable or uncommon.

Komik hisashiburi ni jikka ni kaettara otouto ga ts shiteta Story overview

It is a masterpiece of Japanese author Kosuke Tsukigi (Tsukigi) pictural story who is famous for comics and share her story chapters on her social media platforms and website

This story comprises of 100+ chapters and each chapter include pictures of cartoonish character with thought bubble. The story sentences are written in those bubbles in Japanese language. English version of the story is also available for the English readers.

Comrising total number of four characters in which two are parents (Father and the second mother) and two brothers from which younger is transgender. Father marries to another lady after his wife’s death that come with a boy. As this boy was from his second mother so they were not biological brothers.

Basic Theme of the Story

As you know affection wins affection, and counter gender attract each other. Similarly, love can happen anytime sooner or later within you own home with relations. Transgenders carry their own unique identity and they hold equal feelings. They have equal rights as others claim. They wish to get respected about their school of thoughts and have desire to be loved in a similar way as plan people do.

This story revolves around a boy and a girl. However, their parents were married to each other but they were not brothers by blood. The father of both the child were different.

The story got exemplary audience response and become viral in short amount of time. It reflects the close bonding of relationship among the communities living in remote areas. As it is based upon the rural area where strong family system exists and people know each other.

People of rural area know each other and pedigree of families. Life of people in remote areas runs in slow pace as compared to the people living in urban counterparts. Relationships bonding and feelings of people are more vibrant in rural as compared to urban areas. So, both brothers share their thoughts with each other and sleep in single room. They take bath with other even.

Societal Impact of the Story

Visuals have long lasting impacts on minds, whether those are videographic, still pictures, or enriched infographics. The comic story “How the Little Brother Who Turned into A Girl Became His Big Brother’s Girlfriend” or in Japanese “Hisashiburi ni jikka ni kaettara otouto ga ts shiteta” discuss the about the family bonding and deep roots of strong relationship among the family system.

Older boy left home after his mother’s death and returned home after years. His emotional sentiments were drowned due to the hardnesses of life he experiences in those years. But the family bonding gave rebirth to his emotions and affectionate feeling about the family. Family norms and values regain their positions where they were stopped and he started a new journey of life.

Soon he experienced the love of a father and his importance in his life and role of her second mother how she reacted to see him. Also, he met with his younger brother and experienced a new kind of relationship that is uncommon in the normal world.

Well, not all the audience admirer of this tale, there are many critics though. Some say that it’s a relationship of homosexuality and a promotor of un-natural thing in society. It can be true up to some extent but with the evolution in the community building system and societal values transgender rights are equal. Recent laws give equal opportunity to the TS and give them space to live normal life as plane do.

Moreover, it highlights the family values of Japanese culture. How people of Japan resolve their family conflicts and tackle with untoward situations.


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