Today Reader Aim You Should Know

Today a reader is probably tomorrow’s teacher is a common saying. Reading makes our brain broader to think. It stimulates our sense of evaluation and creates curiosity about the happening or things around us. The aim of Today Reader is to provide readers with trustworthy information about the topics published from time to time.

Reading an article, book, or syllabus of your study is thousands of times better than spending time on the odds. Those odds will be discussed in the coming paragraphs. If you are a party guy then this write-up may get you bored. Keep partying and enjoy, rest pay attention to the following details.


The process of identifying words, symbols, letters, and their combination in making sentences is known and read. Educators and researchers in the education industry emphasise reading. Reading increases the speed of learning, understanding of thoughts, sense of something, and learning skills. The most interesting part is that you can practice reading while remaining silent without saying a word or crying. You can read in crowded places or even in silent dark rooms. Reading in a louder tone enables you to transfer knowledge and pass on information. It build your writing skills with which you can communicate with others sitting thousands of miles away.

Reading is directly interconnected with education. Below are a few things about how reading plays a pivotal role in various disciplines of daily life.

Reading and Nation Building

Mankind has had a long journey of life from the beginning of the universe till now. Few things are explored and many are pending yet. The right education for the right exploration is a necessity. It saves time, effort, and hard earnings.

An educated nation can introduce new laws of progression. They can set golden principles with their experiences and learning. The one who experienced a setback can feel better than others downstream. Only he can put better resolutions effectively.

Reading ancient books from Roman and Byzantine philanthropists tells how they built long-lasting empires and set living standards. How they rule the world from 330 AD till 1453. Women secured equal rights and were the important pillar of Socioeconomics in those settlements.

Prophet SAW set an unbeatable, progressive, and welfare state that protected the basic rights of servants. This state gave freedom to everybody to think and learn. Prophet SAW gave a doctrine with his practice and united his followers under one constitution the Constitution of Medina.

Reading and Economics

If you are a daily reader of business newspaper, you can be well aware of the business principles. Today reading economic and business articles has become need of time. There are popular platforms and content libraries such as Bloomberg, The Economist, Financial Times, etc. that you can follow. Reading economics daily will nourish your sense of doing business and spending plans.

We are not talking about the reading of complex ledgers of companies. But the ideas of finance experts and journalists. Keeping track of market awareness is key point to get leads in your business. Here let’s take an example Bill Gates. In an interview with Indian television, he wanted to become a lawyer at his school age. But the love of technology grabbed him to the computers, he said. In the end, hundreds of lawyers are his employees, he said. Bill Gates built an operating system for computers. Marketed it well in the industry and became the richest person of this century.

Today Reader Tomorrow’s Teacher

Exactly, you as a good reader can be a good teacher of tomorrow. Studying the improves your knowledge. It gives better control of your subject. An English literature reader is always a good English teacher thus holding strong grappling in his subject. Similarly, a philosopher speaks from the core of his mind because he read many books in his entire life.

You can quote examples by reading books of famous authors in your subject. Reading can build an intriguing personality with which you can deliver best of your teaching skills. You can perform better class engagement and deliver the lecture. An acknowledged educator can grab the attention of his students easily with respect to the one with poor knowledge.

As an educator, you should visit library and read the Google Scholar articles relevant to your topics. Google Scholar is a vast library of educational content that you can read and build your lecture. Poetry reading plays an additive tool in boosting the impact of your lecture. Despite sticking to the basic textbooks of particular class, you should read the additional resource for authenticity. As an educator, pre-reading proves itself and best tool.

Reading and Tech

Ebooks these days are everywhere. But no one can deny the importance of papers. More and more books are published each day despite the fact that eBooks are there. According to an ISBN report 2.2 million titles are published every year. Printed books are increasing in numbers as well the eBooks are there too. No one can deny the importance of printed paper books. The feel of printed book is thousands of times superior to the online book. Conventional means of reading are more effective when it comes to reading. Crazy binding and cover pages of physical books have their own unique feeling and comfort level instead of screenplay on Amazon Kindle or an iPad screen.


Books have their own importance and unique position in society. And a good book reader can any software in his mind. Education is a powerful tool for nation-building and reading is the soul of education. It keeps you motivated, well-informed, and prepared for all the situations in life. Reader qualities are sometimes genetic but cannot be received from the father.


A good reader of technology and Social Science. Being student of computing and software I learned a lot of things. Senior Board member at Tech Lobsters. I am passionate about Blogging and Content Creation on multiple discipline of mankind betterhood.